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Ridgeway C.E. (C) Primary School  | Phone: 01235 751254 |


What Parents Said About Us..!

My child has amazed me with his progress over his first year at primary school, especially given the past year’s circumstances. He’s learnt so much already and has really come on with his reading and Maths. He especially loves these two subjects and is always enthusiastic. I think he has really come out of his shell and he has really enjoyed school.


Thank you so much for the wonderful support you have given my child over the last two years, and in such difficult circumstances. Your online lessons were invaluable and we are so proud he is meeting expectations in all subjects. We won’t forget you.  


We are very proud of how our child has progressed at school this year. Thank you so much for everything you have done to support her. She loves school and couldn’t be happier with the provision.


We are happy that our child has done well in a challenging year for schooling. Thanks a lot for your positivity and all you have given of yourself.


What an 18 Months! What the school has managed to do to cater for our child is simply amazing. Thank you so much for everything that you have done at The Ridgeway. It’s made a big difference to our child and family.  


We are so grateful that we found the Ridgeway for our boy. He’s made friends and has thoroughly enjoyed his year at school. He now willingly does his homework which is something we never thought we’d see. Thank you.  





July 2021

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