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Our School Council 

Welcome to the School Council page. 

Our school council is:

Chair - Millie

Vice-chair - Rafe

Treasurer - Rory

Secretary - Aliza

Committee members- Frankie, Tymek and Merryn.

To be on the school council you have to make a speech, and the whole school votes. If you win you get to be on the school council. There is one person from each year group on the school council. Once we're elected we meet regularly. 

Our job is to represent all the children in the school. We think of ways to make the school even better. We ask our classmates what they would like and we put their ideas into action, things like setting playground rules. We report on what we've done and this goes on the school council board. Making the school better, and supporting our friends is really important to us because we're always looking for how we can makes things better which is part of our school's vision to build for life. 

We also organise charity events. These are really important because we get to pick the charities we and our classmates want to support.

We think part of building for life is supporting our own community, helping the environment and working for other children. So this year we are going to focus on charities which support these ideas.  We've already started by raising money in memory her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II because we wanted to honour her service and devotion to all of us. We felt she really did show our community how to build for life.

Thank you for reading our page,

Milie, Rafe, Rory, Aliza, Frankie, Tymek and Merryn.

Ridgeway C.E. (C) Primary School  | Phone: 01235 751254 |

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