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How We Spend PTA Money

We always endevour to spend funds that will benefit all children across all areas of the school and curriculum. There are items that have become regular items for consideration such as subsidising the Christmas trip to the theatre and Mrs Blockley produces a 'wish list' of items that the School would like the PTA to consider funding. This may be as a result of a child asking for something or it will be for resources to improve a particular area of the curriculum or school environment.


The PTA funds are spent on the 'extras' that are not provided by the school's budget. Examples of things the PTA has provided are a story teller to visit school during Book Week, a bike set for Robin Class, easels forRobin Class, visitors and trips for all the classes, the purchase of chairs and staging for the school hall.  Recently we have purchased twenty learnpads for the children to use in their lessons. We also pay for all children in House Martin Class to have music lessons every other year giving them the opportunity to play on afterwards if they wish to do so.

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